Current Series

Revealed: the image of the invisible God

God is invisible. For many people this is a problem. How do we know what God is like if we can’t see him? The truth is that God has revealed himself to mankind in many ways throughout history. He revealed himself to Jacob as a man in the middle of the night. To the Israelites in the wilderness he revealed himself as a pillar of fire. And to the people of the first century he revealed himself through his son, Jesus. In the book of Colossians, Paul talks about how the full nature of God is revealed in Jesus. He also points out how God’s character is revealed in us, his disciples. We can show the world what God is like by the way we live. It’s time to reveal the Creator of the universe, the image of the invisible God!
September 3 A Missionary's Heart
Paul’s prayer and gratitude for the Colossian church
September 10 The Supreme Creator
Jesus created everything that exists
September 17 Revealing the Mystery of Jesus
God wants us to understand His son, Jesus
September 24 Revealing Truth
Truth is the antidote that exposes the lie
October 1 God Revealed in Us
Believers should reveal God to the world
October 8 God Revealed in our Relationships
The way we interact with others should honor God
October 15 Revealing Christ to the World
We must share our faith with everyone!